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Germany to conduct border checks during Euro Championship

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Germany is set to implement stringent security measures at all its borders during the upcoming European Championship soccer tournament, announced the country’s top security official. Nancy Faeser, the German Interior Minister, disclosed to the daily Rheinische Post on Tuesday that comprehensive checks will be conducted at every frontier throughout Germany during the event. The primary objective is to preempt any potential infiltration by violent criminals, thus safeguarding the integrity of this significant international occasion.

Germany to conduct border checks during Euro Championship

The security measures primarily target the prevention of infiltration by extremists, hooligans, and other potential threats, alongside fortifying defenses against cyber assaults, Faeser outlined. This decision to reinstate border controls during the soccer extravaganza was widely anticipated, aligning with the customary practice observed by European nations within the Schengen area during large-scale sporting events and significant summits.

Germany, mindful of migration-related concerns, already enforces checks along its eastern and southern borders, adjoining Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland. Commencing on June 14, the European Championship will kick off with Germany hosting Scotland in the inaugural match slated for Munich. The grand finale is scheduled to take place in Berlin on July 14.

In the wake of the recent attack in Moscow, Italy has taken cues from France and escalated its security protocols, tightening surveillance and bolstering law enforcement efforts. This move comes amidst heightened concerns across Europe regarding potential security threats during large-scale events. However, despite the intensified security measures in neighboring countries, Germany has opted to maintain its existing risk assessment stance.

According to statements from Nancy Faeser’s ministry, while acknowledging the persistent threat posed by Islamic extremists, Germany has determined that there is no immediate need to alter its security posture in response to the Moscow incident. The decision underscores Germany’s confidence in its ongoing security measures and intelligence apparatus, which continue to monitor potential risks and respond accordingly. Nevertheless, authorities remain vigilant, ensuring that all necessary precautions are in place to safeguard public safety and the smooth conduct of the upcoming European Championship soccer tournament.

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